Amber Valletta : Fashion and Sustainability

Amber Valletta is not only a beauty model and actress, she enriched the fashion industry with her ​​own label. “Master and Muse”, the name is intended to bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability – and that without compromising.

To achieve this, Amber Valletta is cooperating with the hottest newcomers to the industry, but also with the greats like Vivienne Westwood. The aim is to create extraordinary fashion and lifestyle collections that are absolutely in tune with the time and are thereby also produces still responsible.

The exclusive fashion along with matching accessories is already having on the online store ” Yoox ” – and how Amber Valletta promises really remembers not only the creation of eco -look of days gone by. For 2014, the American announces further exciting innovations.

Ever since the double of Carol Lim and Humberto Leon is at the creative peak of ” Kenzo “, the fashion label has received a corresponding makeover. The sympathetic designers are not complicated fashion designers who are working alone behind closed doors in front of him.

On the contrary, Lim and Leon are even in the middle of the action, love the style of the street and also very normal sportswear. They now declared in an interview with the fashion magazine “Grazia”. Thus, the designers speak of what many celebrities and fashion savvy friends long ago: Expensive things alone hardly make a good look, it’s the combination with the example of good fashion of the rod or vintage clothing is really exciting.

The concept to be less exclusive and to still offer exceptional fashion, pursuing ” Kenzo ” apparently also with its pricing policy. The cool sweaters, accessories and clothes of the label are indeed usually in the triple digits. Thus, they are clearly designer goods, but still affordable to stuff than the clothes known luxury labels.

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